EDGE: Big Data

Many companies are adopting BIG DATA analytics as part of their business intelligence strategy, however there currently exists a gap in large dataset analytics and the availability of such tools in the pharmaceutical industry. EDGE (Exploration of Data for knowledGE) has been designed to make big data analytics easy, so if fast and complex computation is required, EDGE CAN PROVIDE SOLUTIONS TO YOUR DATA HANDLING NEEDS.

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"...Behind every important business strategy, a decision is made based on information extracted from your data. Over time your data grows exponentially, becoming harder and more complicated to effectively utilise for business decisions..." 

Let EDGE influence your next business decisions the right way


  • EDGE uses in-built algorithms, statistics, pattern recognition and interlinking correlation between various fields meaning it has the ability for knowledge data discovery.
  • EDGE is not only accurate, but generates visual outputs, allowing the user to explore and visualise the data to aid interpretation and comprehension of data relationships.
  • EDGE visualises the information patterns within your data and discovers unexplored data connections you never knew existed!
  • EDGE's diverse functions don't mean a reduction in speed. Alongside powerful data analytics, EDGE was designed with more in mind: fast computation.
  • EDGE is also capable of predictive analytics, identifying future trends based upon your data history to get you ahead of the game. 


"We do the work, you have the insights"

If you would like EDGE to process your structured and unstructured data, SVMPharma can manage EDGE and all associated data analysis and results, leaving you with accurate analysis with visual output for minimum effort.


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