Patient Experience

Why measure Patient Experience?

  • The increased commitment of healthcare service providers to patient-centred care makes it essential to measure and understand the experience of patients on their journey through the health system
  • Evaluating the accessibility, availability, environment and continuity of care for patients provides an opportunity for engagement between patients and other stakeholders in healthcare service delivery

What is important to patients?

  • Patients increasingly demand and expect to receive adequate information and support to feel empowered to take part in decisions about their care
  • The patient’s experience of care, together with safety and clinical effectiveness is a key component of quality healthcare provision
  • The patient voice should be regarded as a powerful motivator and driver for improvement and change

Patient Experience is changing

  • Online social networking has proven to be a successful, cost-effective, and efficient way to target and recruit patients from a wide range of communities
  • Growth in online support networks allowing patients to share details of their medical conditions with people who have the same or similar conditions and compare and contrast different diagnoses and treatments
  • A shift towards engaged, informed patients and ‘participatory medicine’
  • Working directly with patients helps to ensure that the data collected is unfiltered and unbiased. Most patients are keen to share their experiences and this provides a structured outlet for them to do so

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 What do we offer?

  • Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMS) via a flexible global questionnaire service
  • Ability to track patient experience by either matching clinicians to individual patients’ experience or surveying patients directly

What are the benefits?

  • Provides an opportunity to reach out and tap into the experience of patients in a relatively short period
  • Measurement of patient experience at a certain point in time or over a longer period within the care pathway

Projected outcomes

  • Potentially a vital component of product reimbursement and commercial strategy
  • Opportunity to develop patient-inspired service design (or redesign)
  • Generate insights for developing product value propositions
  • Material for abstracts and journal publications

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