Real World Evidence can define treatment information

RWE provides many useful insights, and is currently being used primarily for RCT evidence supplementation ” …it’s clear that real-world data will play an increasingly important role in how drugs are assessed in the future.”“Industry, academia and the public sector will all have to work together to make this a real priority.” – Dr Linda […]

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RWE59 - Do RWE results match those from RCTs

Do RWE results match those from RCTs?

A pilot study led by Friends of Cancer Research (Friends) investigated how real world evidence (RWE) compares to the results from randomised clinical trials (RCTs) (for advanced non-small cell lung cancer). The study showed consistency between RWE and RCTs, emphasising their potential for supporting clinical decision-making “RWE is an important tool for continued learning about treatment outcomes […]

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