RWE71 - Real-world Evidence Allows for Customised and Precise Treatment

Real-world Evidence Allows for Customised and Precise Treatment

New data and technology can drive tailored treatments through physician education Real-world evidence shows comparative effectiveness, which is valuable when determining the ideal patient management scheme “A randomized clinical trial is trying to show efficacy. It asks, how well does this work under optimal circumstances? In contrast, a real-world evidence study is trying to show […]

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019 RWE Ideas Nov 2019

RCT Vs Real World Evidence

RCTs primarily generate efficacy; complement them with real-world evidence studies to generate effectiveness. Find out if a drug works in a real-life setting, with real patients. Determine when, how often and why a drug is used in a prescribing line. Retrospectively review patients for long periods of time. About SVMPharma SVMPharma is an innovative strategic […]

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018b RWE Ideas Oct 2019

150,000 patient RWE study initiated to evaluate Cologuard

Colorectal cancer, the second highest cancer killer in the US, can be detected by Cologuard; which has been shown to be 92% sensitive to colorectal cancer and 62% sensitive to high-risk pre-cancer patients. Cologuard is the only at-home colorectal cancer screening test approved by the FDA, and yet approximately 40% of the eligible patients aren’t […]

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