RWE73 - Largest UK RWE Study of Sequenced 2nd generation TKIs in CML

Largest UK RWE Study of Sequenced 2nd Generation TKIs in CML

This weekend at the 61st American Society of Haematology Annual Meeting and Exposition in Orlando, Florida, SVMPharma and Incyte’s study on chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML) was presented as a poster. This study was the largest UK real world evidence study in CML patients who had been sequenced to a 3rd line tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) […]

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RWE72 - Real World Evidence Driving Decision Making in Oncology

Real World Evidence: Driving Decision Making in Oncology

Oncology prescribing practices rely heavily on the data from clinical trials. However, due to lesser patient numbers found in clinical trials, knowledge gaps start presenting themselves in the form of understanding disease progression, overall survival, efficacy etc. Information like this can be collected in real world evidence studies so that more personalised treatment pathways can […]

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