001 BR May 2020

FDA turns to real-world evidence in the fight against COVID-19

“Within the context of COVID-19, we’ve got this urgency to learn what we can as soon as we can, and that means that we need to be learning from the patients that are receiving care right now and trying to understand how do we apply that as quickly as possible” Utilising real-world data (RWD) sources […]

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001 DC May 2020

Real-world evidence (RWE) use to improve oncology cares of tomorrow

Clinical trials are time-consuming, expensive, and not representative of a broad patient population. Additionally, cancers increasingly stratified by molecular subtypes question the exclusive use of these clinical trials for regulatory decision-making. Physicians use a variety of subjective and objective indicators to determine whether a treatment is working,  how you measure “success” in the real world […]

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001 LN May 2020

Real-world facemask performance – harmful or beneficial?

Evidence from controlled settings clearly point to face masks providing disease control benefits because they prevent the disease particles entering the air and prevent infected persons from spreading the disease However, in the real-world, the evidence isn’t as sure; some trials either report non-significant results (erring towards more harmful) or outright more harmful This is […]

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