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SVMPharma is an innovative strategic consultancy, specialising in Real World Evidence (RWE) for the pharmaceutical industry.SVMPharma generates RWE within UK and Europe through bespoke online Real World Treatment Evaluators, leading to successful health technology appraisal (HTA) submissions. Clinical trial programmes do not reflect real-world clinical practice and outcomes, RWE supplements and enhances clinical datasets.SVMPharma’s specialist teams focus on delivering the outcomes that matter to your brand. SVMPharma also provides Global RWE, Patient Real World Outcomes, and Big Data Analytics.

Meet the team


Vaneet Nayar

Vaneet set up SVMPharma in 2012 to focus on Real World Evidence and the outcomes that matter.  He is an experienced pharmaceutical executive with over 20 years hand on experience working lead brands such as Plavix and Glivec with major blue chip companies.

Dr Zahid Bashir
Medical Consultant

Zahid has extensive clinical and pharmaceutical industry experience within oncology and haematology and provides his expertise to SVM Pharma on relevant projects.

Hannah Van-Den-Boomen
Real World Evidence Project Lead 

Hannah’s role is to lead all aspects of project delivery for real-world evidence studies. Hannah brings project management experience from both the pharmaceutical and CRO industry and has a BSc in Biomedical Science and an MSc in Imaging in Biomedical research.

Corwin Leung 
Data Analytics Lead

Corwin’s role in the SVMPharma team involves leading data validation, analysis and providing reports for Real World Evidence project delivery, as well as driving awareness of SVMPharma’s Real World Evidence through various marketing campaigns. Corwin has a BSc and MSc background in scientific research from Imperial College London.

Bala Narayanan 
Project Manager

Bala has a Masters Degree in Business Administration is a certified Project Manager (PMP) with over 20 years of experience in handling enterprise-level manufacturing, supply-chain & technology projects. His passion now is to deliver RWE projects on schedule and at par with international best practices.

Priyadharshini Shankar
Data Analyst

Priya has a Bachelor degree in Information Technology is a certified software Tester from with over 4 Years of experience. Apart from her experience with QA and QC procedures, she is very experienced at validating test cases for RWE projects.

Vanithadevi Raja
Business Analyst

Vanitha has a bachelor degree in computer science and is passionate about real-world data and insights it provides to businesses. At SVMPharma she uses her expertise in analytical software like R, Tableau and QlikView to help deliver the most important part of our work.

SVMPharma is part of Solvermids Solutions and Technologies, a software and analytics solution company specialising in providing enterprise application and analytical solutions for businesses. Since its inception in September 2003, the company has been in the forefront of delivering innovative solutions to its customers globally.  

Focusing on developing and delivering software and analytical systems and tools that empower companies & agencies to plan, execute, control, and monitor their global operations whilst optimising assets deployment, utilisation and reducing operation costs.

With a team of 300+ developers, testers and project managers based in India, Malaysia, Denmark and United Kingdom, its team can provide global coverage to its clients.  The applications developed by Solverminds are used in 80+ countries.

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