DESERVE showed significant benefits in NHS healthcare savings

SVMPharma’s real-world evidence helped deliver a real-world study looking at the clinical outcomes of triptorelin vs other LHRH agonists (LHRHa) in clinical practice for prostate cancer patients. Our real-world evidence helped show a significant reduction in healthcare resource utilisation for the NHS as well as maintenance in PSA control (a biomarker in prostate cancer) when switching to a 6-monthly formulation of triptorelin from the existing 3-monthly formulations of LHRHa in real-world clinical practice.




Switching to A 6-Monthly Triptorelin Formulation for Prostate Cancer (Pca) Reduces Patient–Nhs Interactions and Hospital Resource use: Real World Evidence (Rwe) from Project Deserve (Decapeptyl Service Evaluation)

P Cornford, K Jefferson, O Cole, JS Gilbody, V Nayar, G Auddy

Objective: In the UK, PCa is the second most common male cancer resulting in over 10,000 deaths annually. LHRH agonists (LHRHa), a type of androgen deprivation therapy, are used to help control PCa and delay progression. LHRHa injections are available as 1-, 3- and 6-monthly formulations. Triptorelin is the only LHRHa in the UK available as a 6-monthly formulation. DESERVE aimed to collect RWE about clinical and practical outcomes for patients starting on, or switching to, 6-monthly triptorelin.

Method: A customised data collection programme was designed including up to 2 years of data entered retrospectively by physicians from patient records at three UK hospitals and prospectively updated over a 5-month period. All patients on 6-monthly triptorelin were eligible for entry. The primary outcome measure was change in the number of patient–NHS interactions (patient reviews, PSA tests and LHRHa injections).

Results: 115 patient records were entered; records for 88 patients had complete data and were included in the analysis. 47 were newly diagnosed and initiated on 6-monthly triptorelin; 41 were switched from any 3-monthly LHRHa to 6-monthly triptorelin. For switch patients, there was a statistically significant reduction in the number of reviews (by 48.4%; p<0.0001), injections (48.4%; p<0.0001) and PSA tests (29.8%; p<0.0001) in the 12 months following switch versus 12 months before. The total number of patient–NHS interactions was significantly reduced (43.5%; p<0.0001). At 12 months, median PSA was 1.30 ng/mL (23.50 ng/mL at diagnosis) for newly treated patients and 0.24 ng/mL (0.35 ng/mL at switch) for switch patients. No safety issues were identified.

Conclusions: Patient–NHS interactions were significantly reduced and PSA control was maintained with 6-monthly triptorelin vs any 3-monthly LHRHa, which translates into NHS savings and improvement in the overall patient experience. Use of 6-monthly triptorelin may therefore offer advantages over 3-monthly formulations for patients, prescribers and payors

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